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Many cosmetic, makeup, cleaning products … to ensure that they are not harmful to humans, are tested in laboratories on animals.
It is not necessary to imagine the trial and error process of torture to which they are subjected.

Laws exist, but they are lax and sometimes easy to evade. But there are organizations that are willing to evaluate and control whether there are brands that are free to test on animals, that is, free of cruelty and animal abuse.
In these brands there is no animal involved. They are cruelty-free brands.


Leaping Bunny

Choose Cruelty-Free

Android User

This app has real potential! Keep up the amazing work! Incredibly cute layout, very user friendly. If a brand is not mentioned, you can easily send a request to have it added (after they've duly checked that the brand is actually cruelty free)

Mara Costas
Android User

It's a great app, it's beautifully designed. Meets the expectations necessary to inform yourself properly! I highly recommend it! 🥰🐰 I ask you not to stop to update the info. Very important! 🙂 THANK YOU

Nom Nom
Android User

I loved! In addition, the presentation of everything is very beautiful and the brands are found fast ❤️ I will wait to continue seeing how they grow and help the world to become Cruelty Free 🥺💛💛

Android User

I love this App 👏👏 it is super useful and very functional !! Thanks to it I discovered that I used products that test with animals 😡 and obviously I will stop using, luckily almost all my products are cruelty free ❤

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